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Segway trip - Empordà Costa Brava

Eco-friendly, easy and fun. This is the Segway X2, an innovative and enjoyable way of riding across the Empordan region. The electric vehicle comfortably travels the hill terrain, beaches, marshland and nature trails,as well as the old village streets.... Suitable for all ages and the driving only takes a few minutes to learn. You will be accompanied at all times by a guide, who will explain and assist throughout the excursion.

1 hour routes

Mirador route: This is a route around the municipal area of Gualta. We begin by driving across the plain, before entering the town of Gualta and finally driving through the hills.

Fontanilles route: This route passes through the centres of the villages of Gualta and Fontanilles, and runs across the slopes of the hills which separate them, traversing the old River Daró.

1,5 hour routes

Llabià route: Descripción tarifa regimen en Inglés This route runs around Gualta, passing by the Romanesque bridge near the lake of Ullastret before reaching Llabià. Before returning we climb the Puig de la Font Pasquala to take in the beautiful view over the Medes Isles and the Empordà plain. 

2 hour routes

Cau del Duc Route: This route passes through the centre of the town of Torroella de Montgrí and goes along the Pedrigolet – a river of rocks which have fallen from the mountain of Santa Caterina. We then move on to the “Cau del Duc” which is a cave where human remains over 300,000 years old have been found.

3 villages route:
The tour begins at Gualta, crosing on the right, the Daró river. After visiting the old bridge, the route continues on Llabià where you see the old lake Ullastret. When we get to the middle of the tour will be in the natural view of the mountain from the Font Pascuala, where you can view the Medes Islands and Torroella Castle. Then we head Fontanillas, and pass the Gossos mountain, which take us to the old electric station of Gualta, the last stop before reaching the starting point again.


Otras Actividades

Burricleta trip - Electric Rural Bike - Empordà

Burricleta gets people closer with nature in a gentil, informative and contemplative way. Discover the routes, trips, travels and the endless experiences and feelings that you will enjoy effortlessly in nature with our e-bike.

Pals and beach
This route have it all, little villages, monuments at Pals, forest, wetlands, taking a bath on the beach (if you dare, of course) while watching the Medes islands.

Empordanet route
‘Empordanet’ route takes you through the small towns of the Empordà, which have been frozen in time like Lluís Llach said in his song: the bells always see each other.


21,25 € / pax

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