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Canoeing - From Fraga to La Granja

Our brand new kayaks are thought for this amazing river. This kayaks approach paddling to everybody. It's difficult to imagine such an experience in the river so close to the Monegros desert!

We start from Fraga, capital of the "Baix Cinca" county, Huesca province. During our tour, we paddle down the administrative border between Aragon and Catalonia.

This is a technical tour. Although low difficulty, it is whitewater. We use open kayaks, but also can choose closed ones. They have a small watertight compartment for personal belongings.

As all the other routes, this one includes initial session explaining the route and also technical and safety explanations.

It is very difficult to find other people in the river and in general, if you choose this option, you will have a day where you combine the enjoyment of silence in the calm stretches, the adrenaline in flows and leaps and also the forest nature.

The arrival takes place in "Aiguabarreig" where both rivers Segre and Cinca arrive at the Ebre river area especially rich in birds and fishes.

The village of Torrente de Cinca it's half way, and the grass "beach" is a good place to have a rest; explain our emotions of the route or eat something.

The route can be extended 50 min. more until Mequinenza, but it usually ends at a village called Granja d'Escarp.


Otras Actividades

Via Ferrata - Foig Ravine

Ideal for beginners. Near to Tivissa village. This ferrata takes place in a dried ravine with four big sections with steps and chains. Great views of Montsant mountains and Ebro valley.

The lenght of the via ferrata is 580 meters climbing a vertical drop of 165 meters.

It is classified as easy, in spite of having to test your agility, and you don't need to be afraid from vertigo, if we consider not doing the rappel at the end.

It takes about 1 h 45 ', distributed as follows: 10' approach; ferrata 1h and 35 'approx. back along the trail.

It is possible to do a 20 meters rappel if you want, you only need to request it when booking.

We emphasize that despite the proximity to the village, the via runs through a ravine filled with vegetation that gives us a strong sense of isolation from the outside world, as it runs (the descent too) on the north side of the mountains.

28 € / pax.

Via Ferrata - Tormo de la Margarida

Via Ferrata for those more experienced. Short but intense via ferrata. First mountain behind the village of Tivissa. It allows strong emotions in full contact with the rock.

Actually, a well-designed way, since in a very short section with the right number of steps, we find an environmentally friendly ferrada and that some steps will test your agility. Not so much for its height, but because of its location so close to the village of Tivissa. Tormo de la Margarida is one of the best viewpoints in the region and the profiles of the Montsant (Priorato) and Llaberia. Lenght of 210 meters that exceeds the 85 m height.

The physical difficulty is low, but the technique is medium or high. It takes about 1 hour or more, in which 10' correspond to approximation, 30' or 40 'of ferrata and a return path 20' approx.

Short via, but intense due to the vertical length in a short time and because just at the end you can decide to finish in an easy lateral smooth stone or maybe in an difficult overhang where you will be able to show your skills.

Advisable to do it during the afternoon in order to watch the sunset from this place. Then you just have to walk on the mountain ridge and take the way back with no difficulties.

As the route is short, you can consider the afternoon to take another route or another activity with Rogles such as archery or canoeing on the river Ebro.

28 € / pax.

Via Ferrata - La Feixa del Colom

Montblanc's ferrata is always surprising in spite of the experience in ferratas you haveThis is due to the original travel along the rock in a "4" shape and also the fact of being able to sighten Pyrinees and Tarragona fields at the same time, makes it peculiar.

Certainly, in a clear day, you are able to see both the Pyrinees and Tarragona's county and of course the sea.

Sited in Montblanc, Conca de Barberà, with just a 30m vertical drop, it has a medium difficulty. This catalogation is due to the vertical sensation and the materials used in are in a very good conditions. Also, the steps are quite affordable.

The length of the ferrata is about 1 hour. The aproximation can be made from Espluga de Francolí or from Montblanc. In both cases, it takes also about one hour; coming back just 50 minutes. This long aproximation walk, goes up less than 150 meters if you start in the little church "ermita de la Santíssima Trinitat", and you will enjoy a great landscape.

When reaching the old church of Sant Joan, you can cross trought it. Built in XIV c and rebuilt in XVIII c.

The main complication in this ferrata, but also its main atractive is going up, going down and flanking. It is due to the original track in "4" shape.

In fact, it is not a difficult ferrata, but the perception changes and psychologically you see everything a little bit different.

If we count every change of direction, you will have 7 different stretchs to spend a amazing morning and get great pictures from the land below us.
Before booking, just ask where is the meeting point.

30 € / pax.

Valle de Zafán cycle route

One of the most interesting activities in this county is to ride a bike along the old railway route linking Tortosa and Alcaniz. Always descending and visiting, charming villages, Canaletes river, wine and gastronomy and especially the very long and dark tunnels that make it an special activity.

We suggest you to make the bike ride biking downside and when finishing, we will pick you up to return you to your vehicle. The absence of light in many of the tunnels has been one of the attractions of this track: a headlight is required!

Depending on your interests, skills or philosophy, you can choose where to start the route (Arnes, Horta de Sant Joan or Bot) and of course, the arrival (Pinell de Brai, Benifallet, Xerta or Tortosa).

The path offers many attractions that we can choose to do it in one hour and a half or even in two days.

What can we see from our mountain bike?

- An impressive infrastructure that was only used for 16 years.
- Some of the old train stations.
- About 42 tunnels!.
- Arnes: you must visit the historical city center which has a lot of history.
- Horta de Sant Joan is the most important places that you will visit. Picasso Museum (spent some seasons in the village and inspired him strongly). Medieval town with porches on the Church Square.
- Santa Barbara mountains and St. Salvador convent.
- Bot: The one that leads directly to the cycle path.
- Prat de Compte.
- Fontcalda medicinal Spa. Hot water pumps. Located in Canaletes river. Sanctuary and picnic area. Bar and restaurant.
- Pinell de Brai with its "Wine Cathedral". Agricultural cooperative made by Cesar Martinell, a Gaudí disciple.

25 € / pax.

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